Instagram Message Requests Not Showing? (6 Different Solutions)

Instagram has created a vast communication network with millions of users. However, users may occasionally encounter issues that affect their communication on the platform. One such problem is the Instagram message requests not showing up. This issue can arise due to platform updates or technical glitches, preventing users from accessing their message requests. This can lead to communication breakdowns and disruptions in user experience. Users facing such issues often need to find alternative methods to maintain their communication.

Causes of the Issue

  1. Updates and Technical Glitches: Updates or temporary technical issues on Instagram can cause message requests not to show.
  2. Internet Connection: A weak or interrupted internet connection can prevent message requests from loading.
  3. Account Restrictions: If your account has any restrictions or blocks, you might face difficulties accessing message requests.

Solutions for Instagram Message Requests Not Showing

Solutions for Instagram Message Requests Not Showing Instagram Message Requests Not Showing? (6 Different Solutions)

1. Accessing Message Requests from the Top Right Section

  1. Go to Inbox: First, tap the DM (Direct Message) icon at the top right section.
  2. Check Message Requests: In the inbox, look for the “Message Requests” text. Tap on it.
  3. View Message Requests: Here, you can see messages from people who are not following you but have sent you messages.
  4. Manage Messages: When you tap on a message, you’ll see options to “Decline” or “Allow.” If you choose “Allow,” the sender will see that their message has been read. If you choose “Decline,” they won’t see any read receipt.

2. Alternative Method

  1. Enter Instagram Direct: Tap the icon in the top right corner of the Instagram app.
  2. Check for Hidden Messages: Go to the Instagram Direct section. If there are hidden messages, you will see a blue notification.
  3. View Messages: Finally, tap on the hidden message section to be directed to the message box. Using these methods, you can view all hidden messages in your message box.

3. Check for Updates

Ensure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Some updates can resolve issues like these.

4. Verify Your Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable and strong. A weak connection can prevent message requests from loading.

5. Restart the App

Close the Instagram app and reopen it to see if the issue resolves.

6. Restart Your Device

Restart your device to check if the problem is a general issue.

7. Check Your Account for Restrictions

Ensure that your account is not under any restrictions or blocks. If your account is restricted, access to features like message requests might be limited.

8. Try Another Device

If possible, try accessing Instagram from a different device or browser. This will help you determine if the issue is with your device or account.

9. Contact Instagram Support

If you have tried all the steps and still cannot see your message requests, contact Instagram Support to report the issue. They can assist you in resolving the problem.

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