Video Compression Process How to Do It Best Applications

In todays active world, users creating video content, those wanting to immortalize their moments, and many others engage in video shootings. However, when it comes to storing or transferring these memories to another device, users often face an unpleasant surprise due to large file sizes. As the quality of the recordings increases, so does the size of these videos. Subsequently, transferring them becomes impossible or time-consuming. So, how can the video compression/size reduction process be done? It is possible to reduce the size of your videos without compromising quality through video compression and size reduction processes.

How to Compress/Reduce Video Size:
This process can also be done without the need for specific programs. You can achieve this on your Windows-based computers. Here are the steps Go to the Windows search bar and type video editor.
Enter the application and click on new video project.
Click on the Add option on the left side.
Select the video you want to add and transfer it to the panel. Then make the necessary edits.
Click on finish video in the top right corner.
Choose the video quality from the screen that appears. You can select 540p quality.
Download your video.
This process will reduce the size of your video. However, its important to note that you may experience some loss in video quality.

For Minimal Quality Loss: Use Video Editing Applications:
If you want to perform the process with minimal loss of quality, we recommend using video editing applications and programs. In this context, the programs you can use for video compression processes without experiencing significant losses in video quality are as follows:

Movavi Video Converter:
Alongside Movavis video editing application, there is also a video conversion program. With this program, you can change the formats of your videos and make necessary edits. Moreover, the application has features like video enhancement.

Any Video Converter:
With an easy-to-use interface, Any Video Converter is an application that anyone can use. You can change the format of the video you want, saving space. Also, note that Any is the most ideal application for large video files in terms of size and quality. However, its worth mentioning that some features of the application are offered as paid.

Freemake Video Converter:
Supporting almost all formats you can think of, Freemake Video Converter is the last program on our list. Thanks to Freemake, you can convert your desired video files to the format you want and make small edits with the integrated video editing application.

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